30 Day Challenge: part five

Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty-five

Gulls. They look almost dignified when there’s just one.


Day Twenty-five alternate

but put two together and they squabble.

Day Twenty-six

Day Twenty-six

Pisew Falls, still iced up in April


Day Twenty-six alternate

I always thought this looked like the falls were guarded by walruses

With the yellow taken out.  It looks a lot colder.

Day Twenty-sixa


Day Twenty-six alternate 2Day Twenty-seven

Day Twenty-seven

Wind as much as warmth dries the world.


Day Twenty-seven alternate

Saskatchewan, Canadian and Manitoba flags flying over giant steel flowers.

Day Twenty-eight

Day Twenty-eight

You can’t stop Spring, not even with late snow.


Day Twenty-eight alternate

Second close up showing the number of buds coming through the soil.

Day Twenty-nine

Day Twenty-nine

Sand Hill Cranes making a nest.


Day Twenty-nine alternate

The southern view of a northbound crane.

Day Thirty

Day Thirty copy

Stubble Fire. It was burning an entire field of straw including bales


Day Thirty alternate copy

The fire from a distance.
















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