30 Day Photo Challenge Week Two

Day 8

Back lit Amethyst

Day 8 bonus

Back lit Amethyst

Day 9

Quartz crystals

Day 10

Natural Sphere

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14


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21 Responses to 30 Day Photo Challenge Week Two

  1. sgatanstu says:

    Oh ! This is beautiful and you’ve photographed it so well. The back-lit photo is breath-taking.

  2. CraigMc says:

    Great idea lighting it up Fromm behind, very effective and pretty for this stone.

  3. Bruce says:

    Prefer the second shot to the first. Lovely glowing purple that is pleasing to my eye.

  4. Lmorrow57 says:

    I too like the backlit stone better…makes it seem more mystical and the color really pops out!

  5. sgatanstu says:

    Day 9. This photo is just magic. Once again the back-lighting is great as is the photography. I love all the different shaped bits.

  6. Wow, Amethyst and quartz too. Gorgeous stones and so cool that you found them! wow.

  7. Lmorrow57 says:

    I love quartz crystals and have some lovely pieces myself…Arkansas (where I live) is the only place where large-scale mines are run for the sole purpose to extract rock crystals.

  8. CraigMc says:

    Day 9: I enjoy this shot for the memories it evokes of looking for the same crystals as a youngster (and even finding one or two)

  9. akhenatenator says:

    Day 8 Bonus is my favourite so far! Your lighting really enhances the natural beauty of the rock.

  10. Kenght says:

    Day 8: I find the stone itself very interesting but the lighting does not highlight its best qualities in this picture. Day 8 bonus: Wow, here you did an excellent job on the lighting. It makes this stone shine and its best qualities, its colors and its relative transparacy, stand out very well in this version. Day 9: A very cool stone. I am not sure what but there is something in the lighting that leaves this one a little flat. It is a little under exposed, and I think some brightness and contrast could help with the currently somewhat flat look.

  11. CraigMc says:

    Day 10: incredible how nature can form these perfect shapes, one of the most interesting rocks you’ve displayed so far.

  12. Wow. As round as that? Incredible. I am so curious how you find these rocks.. are they embedded into the big rocks and you break them open. I never have seen anything like it here, and believe me I live so close to the woods, I’m a hop, skip and a jump away. I would love to find some treasures as you have! 🙂

  13. Steppeland says:

    This is becoming such a wonderful collection of stones and rocks! I think you are doing a great job on the lighting.
    My favourite till now is the Back lit Amethyst – awesome colours, and great idea!
    And I also really like the Quartz crystals and the Natural Sphere …
    Great work, keep them coming!

  14. Lmorrow57 says:

    The sphere is so awesome done as the dark and light sides of a planet.
    I really like the sparkle of the Galena….so awesome that you have all of these.
    Did you see the quartz I posted for you?

  15. Lmorrow57 says:

    This specimen looks as if it was pieced together and mortared…so awesome that is comes from nature as is….can’t wait to see the next one!

  16. Lmorrow57 says:

    Day 13-so intriguing but I am wishing it was lit a bit more

  17. sgatanstu says:

    A fascinating collection.

  18. Lmorrow57 says:

    Day 14=dark and mysterious and almost sexy (if a rock can be sexy) with it’s bits of bling…you are quite the rock hound cfrog!!

  19. Luna says:

    Day 8: The back lighting is just wonderful!

    Day 9: The soft lighting really brings out the pale yellow wonderfully.

    Day 10: LOL… The wonderful side lighting really gives this a planetary feel.

    Day 11: The focus seems a bit soft for all those jagged edges.

    Day 12: Wonderful angle and I love the DoF. It almost looks like the veins are rivers and they are going over the falls.

    Day 13: Very dark & mysterious. I almost expect a Druid to appear! 😀

    Day 14: Outstanding composition & lighting! I really love this shot.

    What a wonderful collection you have!

  20. secretatlantis says:

    Another week of interesting shapes and textures. Some seem to be easier to shoot than others. A great subject to experiment with setups and settings.

  21. akhenatenator says:

    Love Jupiter at Day 10! 🙂

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