A Slice of Quietude

51gFd-VbeOL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_A Slice of Quietude

Sharon Cho

Kat is a Midnight Slicer, an assassin hired learn field fighting techniques.  In the midst of battle she surrenders to a scarred woman whom she hopes will be able to teach her more of the quietude Kat employs in her slicing. Surrender is unimaginable for a slicer, but she is drawn to this woman who moves like the wind in spite of her impossible number of scars.

The book is as much romance as it is action. Tristien, the scarred woman, along with her companions set out to the city where she was a healer and student before being abducted and tortured for three years. Secrets are revealed and we hear stories of gods and demi-gods along the way.

I enjoyed reading the book even with its leisurely pace. The characters are very well drawn and while there isn’t a great deal happening,  there is enough action to keep the story moving.

I recommend the book to those who don’t need constant action in their fantasy,  but enjoy revelation of character and relationships.

You can buy the book here.

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  1. Sharon Cho says:

    Thanks Alex for your time and your words. Both mean a lot to me, more than a debut writer can hope for. Best to you and your writing too. I’ll be referring back to this review on my website.


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