APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepeneur

 APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book

Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Nononina Press

APE is a book for the modern author. Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch present a detailed plan on how to get your book into the hands of people who want to read it and maybe make a little money doing it. It is divided into three sections. Author talks about the writing of the book; Publisher about the work of turning that book into a readable, professional looking book, both e-book and print; Entrepeneur about the task of marketing your book and yourself to the world.
Guy’s primary example in this book is his book on Google + called What the Plus! His advice works just as well for fiction writers. He starts off by talking about the need for quality. If you are going to sell your book, it needs to be worth buying. In each of the sections Guy highlights the ways in which an author can improve on their work and develop a trust relationship with their readers.

What Guy is also able to do is break it down into small manageable pieces. This is a book to read, then to go back to over time as you get to each stage of the work. There are plenty of links to resources and websites to help you at each stage. Other than his emphasis on producing a quality product, Guy never stops at just one method of achieving a particular goal.

Take the publishing part of the book. Guy starts by talking about the pros and cons of traditional publishing and making sure that we know what we will and won’t get from a traditional publisher. Next he takes us through the process of publishing the book ourselves. He gives us his opinion about the most effective and highest quality method of converting the manuscript to e-book, then he rates a whole collection of other methods with their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the process he talks about how to maximize the quality of your book.

As an author this is a book that I will be keeping on my bookshelf. It is a great resource for anyone who’s goal is giving a quality book to the world.



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