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The Making of Legend

The Making of Legend Richard Barrs Andrew Biman is a General, son of a General and the fastest rising star in the 56. He’s never failed a mission. Not until he’s asked to be on the Interplanetary Congress. He’s given … Continue reading

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Runs Good, No Reverse

From 12 am Pacific time through to Sunday April 2nd, Mike’s book is available free on Amazon. This is a great opportunity to check it out. Runs Good, No Reverse Mike Hershman Mike Hershman’s book about a boy and an … Continue reading

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Unkillable: The Futurist

Unkillable: The Futurist Dean C Moore “Unkillable brings a mix of serial killer, mutant critters, and the scary edge of technology to a gritty thriller. Adrian Maslow is the lead Futurist with the FBI, so well-known that criminals brag about … Continue reading

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Uneven Exchange

Uneven Exchange S.K. Derban While on vacation in Mexico, DEA agents see Alexandra and immediately note her uncanny resemblance to a woman who is sister to a notorious killer nicknamed ‘The Magician’. Back in the US she is recruited for an … Continue reading

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Rarity from the Hollow – 2nd Edition

I received a review request for this second edition and remembered having reviewed the book some time back. Here’s that original review: When you imagine a young girl who will save the universe, you will never picture Lacy Dawn, who … Continue reading

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Back reviewing, sort of.

After almost a year taking a break from reviews, I’ve decided to dip my toes in the water again. One of many reasons I stopped was the queue of 40+ books to read which was honestly overwhelming. To avoid that … Continue reading

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Blackmail Arthur David Blackmail is the first book by Arthur David, or rather it is the second iteration of his first book. One of the tough things to do as a reviewer is to tell the author a book is not … Continue reading

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Blood or Destiny by Angela Stevens

Blood or Destiny is a continuation of the Vargr Saga in which we are introduced to a unique interpretation of Werewolves and Skin Walkers, add in Vampires and magic and you have a strong world inhabited by strongly developed characters. … Continue reading

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Guest Blogs over at

In the past while I’ve been posting guest blogs on my website. It isn’t reviews, but it may help to get the word out. I’m being very particular about who I have as a guest author. Some of them are … Continue reading

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The future of Celticfrog Reviews

Over the past twelve months I’ve got slower and slower at doing the things I love to do (and everything else, but that doesn’t hurt as much). Unfortunately, that includes reading and reviewing books. Where at one time I could … Continue reading

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