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Setup: Android Assassins

Setup: Android Assassins Dean C. Moore In my opinion, this is Dean’s best book to date. Max Chase witnesses the assassination of a super-spy by androids and immediately guesses he’s been setup up by the notorious FBI Future Division. He … Continue reading

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Unkillable: The Futurist

Unkillable: The Futurist Dean C Moore “Unkillable brings a mix of serial killer, mutant critters, and the scary edge of technology to a gritty thriller. Adrian Maslow is the lead Futurist with the FBI, so well-known that criminals brag about … Continue reading

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Inventing Utopia Now

Invent Utopia Now: Transhumanist Suggestions for the Pre-Singularity Era Hank Pellisier eBookEditor.net Invent Utopia Now is a collection of essays by Hank Pellisier. He covers a broad range of topics from feminism and its positive effect on average lifespans to … Continue reading

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