The future of Celticfrog Reviews

Over the past twelve months I’ve got slower and slower at doing the things I love to do (and everything else, but that doesn’t hurt as much). Unfortunately, that includes reading and reviewing books. Where at one time I could turn around two books a week, now I’m lucky to read two books a month. I’ve already put a hold on accepting new books for review. With much regret and no small ache in my heart I’m making that hold permanent. I will try to finish the reviews on the twenty or so books on my list, but as of this time I will be accepting no more books for review. A search for indie book reviewers will show you lists of still active reviewers.

I don’t make this decision lightly. I’ve been reviewing books for more than three decades, starting with e-zines and moving to a great website before starting my own blog. I expect I’ve read close to a thousand books for review, starting back when indie books were just gaining traction and getting separate from vanity press. I’ve met some great people writing reviews and read some fantastic stories. Your books and stories will be missed.

I will be leaving this page up, both to upload reviews as I get them done, and as an archive. If you have a great review of a special book, send it to me and I may post it. If my health changes and my brain returns from its cosmic voyage, I may reopen my queue and start taking books again. But for now. That’s all he wrote, folks

Alex McGilvery aka celticfrog.

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