Dio’s Detective Agency/Fluffy:Destroyer of Worlds

Dio’s Detective Agency/Fluffy: Destroyer of Worlds

by Brian Riley

Dio’s Detective Agency is a book of short stories that introduces Dio and Flagon. Dio is a wizard with cosmic powers, but doesn’t use them much because he needs to preserve the free will of the people around him. Flagon is a dragon who has the powers of burning and rending. She uses them whenever the situation calls for it. Most of the time Dio is a down on his luck private investigator, while Flagon is his shapely secretary. She only becomes a dragon if necessary. The stories range from preventing a global takeover by intelligent cats to finding a scientist who can make gold out of lead (or anything else). Brian writes with tongue firmly in his cheek and offers his own form of humour that might begin with a snicker and end with a belly laugh.

Fluffy: Destroyer of Worlds is his second collection of Dio and Flagon stories. Once again the down on his luck detective and his beautiful secretary are solving the cases behind the cases.  A larger cast of characters appear in these stories. Satan is trying to convince people to be good because Hell is filling up too quickly, Molly is a vampire with a compassionate heart, and  others. Along with the expanded cast Brian’s tongue in cheek humour returns sharper than ever.

I enjoy reading the fantasy humour dished out in these two collections, but the bonus is the undercurrent of social commentary that runs through the stories. It never gets in the way of the story or a good joke, but it is there and makes reading the tales of this unlikely duo a richer experience.

Both books can be purchased through Lulu.com at http://stores.lulu.com/diogenese19348

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