J.S. Lee

672 is set in a future society in which humans mostly live in glass towers. They are separated by floor with the elite living high above while the “piggies” live below. In this setting we meet Emilia, who lives near the base of the tower, and John and Penelope who live near the top. Emilia wakes with no memory or concern of who she is and floats through life with her friend Anna until she meets a man from the highest floor who is smitten with her and asks her to marry him. All is fine, until she meets a friend and we realize that perhaps she knows him from before she woke up.

In the meantime,  Penelope upstairs has decided she wants a baby. She convinces John to steal one from the extremely important decade long genetics project he’s involved in at work.  Life is good until Penelope’s mother shows up and warns John that he’ll have to give up his casual affairs.

I want to like this book, there is something endearing about the story line, but there are a number of technical issues that get in the way. Point of view shifts rapidly between characters, sometimes making it hard to know what is going on. Much of the story is told to us in a way that makes all the characters feel the same. There are issues with plot, but perhaps the biggest issue is the amount of exposition explaining what is happening instead of letting the reader experience it unfolding.

It isn’t that there are no redeeming qualities,  but one must be patient and work hard to find them.

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