9/11 Heartbreaker

9/11 Hearbreaker

Craig Staufenberg


9/11 Heartbreaker by Craig Staufenberg is a graphic novel. The narrator is a woman who admits that she doesn′t have any strong emotional connection to the 9/11 tragedy. She feels a little guilty about this fact, but it comes home when she meets Peter at karaoke. He is recording young people′s memories of 9/11. This gets her thinking about it. She ends doing a unique and interesting project of her own.

This book is brief and easy to read. While it is called 9/11 Heartbreaker it isn′t about 9/11 so much as it is about the power of memory to shape our lives. I found the ending to be a profound statement of how we human chose to live our lives.

As a graphic novel the art is very important to the feel of the book. In 9/11 Heartbreaker the art complements the story. There are pages with no text at all, just pictures that move the story forward. Craig uses colour to define mood. The art is detailed enough to show what the characters see without being hyper realistic.

I would highly recommend this book. It isn′t a heavy read at 32 pages. It also isn′t a heavy read in terms of it′s content, but it is a book that will leave you in a place where upon finishing it you might just go seeking some memories of your own.

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