A Tight Lie

A Tight Lie
Don Dahler
Minotaur Books

A Tight Lie is a mystery novel by Don Dahler. The protagonist is Huck Doyle, a professional golfer who is struggling to hold on to his PGA Tour card. Doyle is hired by a friend and fellow professional athlete to prove him innocent of the murder of a girl he had been dating.

Though Doyle soon learns that all the evidence points at his friend Joniel, he persists because he wants justice for the victim. He is soon joined by an odd cast of characters including his paraplegic ex-FBI brother, his biker ex-cop father, and a beautiful medical examiner.  The action is bracketed by well written golf stories that give us insight, not just into Doyle’s thoughts, but the personality of the people he is playing. Doyle soon learns that there is much more going on than appears on the service.

The characters of the story are sympathetic and well rounded. Doyle is believable as a private investigator and he has enough flaws to create plenty of opportunity for the dark humour that runs through the book. Dahler chooses an odd way of writing dialog that takes some getting used to, but the dialog itself is sharp and witty.

Not only is the book a fun mystery, it also gives a glimpse into the less than glamourous world of the pro golfers, the ones who make a living but don’t make it rich. The description of golf in the book is a bonus for those of us who have a love/hate relationship with the game, but never gets in the way of the story’s development.
A Tight Lie is a well written enjoyable book whether or not you are a golfer. It is filled with humour and a compassionate way of looking at the world and the people in it.

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