Teri Woods

Grand Central Publishing

Alibi is a novel by the self-publishing phenomenon Teri Woods. In this novel we meet Daisy, a stripper who needs money. When her boyfriend asks her to provide an alibi for one of his buddies she does so with no hesitation. Unfortunately things quickly get more complicated, and the money doesn’t go nearly as far as Daisy had hoped.

The person that needed the alibi is called Nard. He killed two people who were trying to steal drugs from him. The situation continues to spin out of control even with the assurance that he has an alibi.

Alibi is written in a style that is reminiscent of oral story telling. We are introduced to people, and everything stops while we are brought up to speed on where they came from and who they are. Something happens and we are taken back in time to be told how and why it happened. While the constant stopping and starting of the story is distracting, I could have worked with it if the characters had been just a little more sympathetic. Ironically while the side characters get full histories, the main protagonist is pushed to the sidelines.

A larger issue is the unrelenting callous sex that fills the pages. A certain amount is expected given Daisy’s line of work, but the sheer amount of times the sex act is referred to made it very hard to see through to the plot. As much as I wanted to like this book, I just couldn’t find and characters or situations that held my interest. Alibi is not a book that I can recommend to anyone.

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