Allouette’s Dream

25847239Allouette’s Dream  

Andrew Jonathan Fine

Allouette’s Dream picks up some years after the events of Allouette’s Song. While Song was a good story it struggled with being very wordy and overly detailed dialogue. If you are interested in seeing what Asperger’s is like, Song is a good book to read. While you don’t have to have read Song to follow Allouette’s Dream it would help as it introduces the world and concept in Dream.

Allouette’s Dream is the story of Sarah Kondal Seaton, the sixteen year old daughter of Richard and Dorothy Seaton. She is the first human and first Jewish child born off-world. She is a skilled martial artist. When Margaret learns the universe is moving toward rapid destruction, she comes to Kondal to talk to her friends.

The source of the destruction is an anomaly in the time stream. The prototype for the string projector which powered the Allouette was built before any of them were born. She concluded that someone will have to go back in time to build it. What she didn’t expect at that time was that going back  would ultimately carry the mission of preventing the assassination of Adolf Hitler.

Sarah is chosen to travel back with only a slight hope of returning to the future.

Sarah is a strong young woman who acts like the teenager she is, but also as a caring and ethical adult in her own right. One of the things I enjoy about Andrew’s writing is the care he takes not just to depict ethical characters but to then put their morals to the test in a way that aligns with the plot.

When you read Allouette’s Dream be prepared to get a recap of parts of Song as it affects the character in Dream. You will also get recaps of events in Allouette’s Dream which happened earlier in the book.They aren’t long enough to push most readers out of the book, but you will have a number of times of deja vu.

That isn’t a sufficient problem to stop me recommending a very good book to readers of sci fi, readers who want to see Jewish characters or people who just like a good tale.

You can buy the book here.

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