Along Came a Wolf: The Yellow Hoods

23119672Along Came a Wolf: The Yellow Hoods

Adam Dreece

Tee is an adventurous girl who we first meet barrelling down a hill on a sail cart with no brakes. She and her friends Elly and Richy wear yellow hoods while they run through the forest around their home. They encounter Andre leLoup and are caught up as leLoup tries to extort a steam engine from Tee’s inventor grandfather Nikolas. They use their wits, luck and some extraordinary inventions as they struggle to keep Nikolas free.

The Yellow Hoods describes itself as emergent steampunk. This is because as of this first book, there are no steam engines yet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other marvellous things to hold the reader’s attention through the story.

Adam Dreece has crafted a witty and engaging story. His child heroes act like children not miniature adults, but that doesn’t stop the action from being real. This is what you might get if Arthur Ransome wrote steampunk. Along Came a Wolf is one of those gems that I dream of as the review requests come in. It is lean, original and hard to put down. It is also one of the best books I’ve read this year, and if you follow my blog, you’ll know I read a lot of books.

I highly recommend the book for adventure lovers young and old. You don’t need to know anything about steampunk to enjoy the book.

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