At The Sharp Edge of Lightning.

Sharp-End-of-LightningAt The Sharp Edge of Lightning

Nicholas Bates

This novel is the start of an ambitious project that spans three worlds that exist in separate dimension. In two of the worlds sprites rules, sylvan sprites in Forestlight and sea sprites in Oceanlight. The Daiman rule in the third dimension. The daiman world is leaking into the others causing ecological disasters. A sylvan sprite is sent on a quest to close the thin spaces between the worlds and stop the problem.

What she is given to close the thin spaces doesn’t work and the human from the mythical fourth world is pulled into the quest though he knows nothing of the sprite’s existence or need.

The book is slow to start and the jumps between worlds don’t always come when expected, but it draws the reader in with vivid description of the different worlds and cultures. The book is the first of a series so much of it is set up of characters and worldbuilidng. I will be interested to see where the next book takes us.

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