Back reviewing, sort of.

After almost a year taking a break from reviews, I’ve decided to dip my toes in the water again. One of many reasons I stopped was the queue of 40+ books to read which was honestly overwhelming.

To avoid that situation from repeating, I will review one book a month. At the peak of my reviewing days I received a review request a day. So here’s the deal. You need to be the best book presentation the month you submit. I don’t mean most eager, or the one with the most glowing previous reviews. I mean you need to pretend I’m a customer. I pick up your book to look at it. Why should I read yours over the next one on the shelf? The answer is a combination of good cover, but even more importantly a good blurb. If you aren’t sure about your blurb, head on over to and check out my article on blurbs.  Send me the first page of your book as well, I can tell a lot about a book from that first page.

What I will be doing the rest of the month is reading other books, free books from newsletters, ones which intrigue me, but aren’t my review book of the month. Those I will post on a page if I finish them, and a one sentence comment. It won’t be long enough for an amazon review, but it will be something you can use as an editorial review.

While we’re on the subject of Amazon. Their review system is geared toward customers, not bloggers. I’ve had most of my reviews pulled down because I post the review on my blog first. I will post on Amazon, but don’t count on it staying. If your book is on Goodreads, I may post there as well.

The first month I will be accepting book for review will be February. If you send it in earlier, I won’t ignore it, but you won’t hear until February if you get chosen. If you don’t hear, you didn’t make it. Try tweaking your blurb and/or cover. I moderate a group on facebook ‘Better Blurb, Book Covers and Books’ you are welcome to request to join and work on your blurb there. You’ll get some good feedback from the group.

That’s it, that’s the new process for celticfrogreviews.

Keep writing.


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