Better Homes and Gardens Baking

Better Homes and Gardens Baking
Everything You Need to Know to Bake Like a Pro
Better Homes and Gardens
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Don’t read this cookbook when you’re hungry. It will result in raiding your baking cupboard in the desperate attempt to recreate one of these luscious recipes. The book is divided into chapters which start with the basics like cookie and brownies and move on to the very complex offerings that you might find in a coffee shop. The book is really an intense (and delicious) course in how to bake.

There are hints throughout the book that apply to more than one recipe and fantastic illustrations and pictures. The directions don’t stop at how to bake, but carry right through to how to put the finishing touches on that make your baking stand out. I baked two brownie recipes. The Chocolate Pecan Caramel Fudge Brownies and the Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownies. I brought these to a function and was sadly disappointed that I didn’t get one single leftover.

The directions are clear and simple to follow. I didn’t find as I do with some recipes that I’d somehow jumped a step and had to place fast and loose to get back on track. As always baking times are dependent on the actual heat of your oven and the actual volume of your baking dish, but I had no problems recognizing when the brownies were done. I would dearly love to have time to try out more recipes, but with a diabetic in the family baking and sweets are at a minimum. It would have been a great nod to modern reality to have a few diabetic friendly recipes or at least a section on how to convert to alternative sweeteners without sacrificing flavour.

Great cookbook and very interesting in that it takes the cook through all the steps to becoming an accomplished baker, exactly as the subtitle suggests.

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