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This book has been updated and I’ve given it a new review here.

Blackmail by Arthur Sines is a novel about a world run by The Third Party, or the Party for short. Blackmail is one of their star agents. Their task is to keep the world running smoothly. Though Blackmail is used to working alone she is given a new recruit by the name of Jade to train. Unfortunately things don’t work out as planned and the lives of both Blackmail and Jade are changed forever.

Unfortunately for the novel it isn’t, in my opinion, ready for publication. From minor things, like every single page being numbered 53 to more striking problems such as the story either being interrupted to give the reader information about one of the characters, or us being rushed through important interactions such as the first time that Blackmail and Jade meet.

The kernel of the story is a good one. It is the tale of someone who has been unwittingly used for evil discovering their true role and desiring to make recompense. It just needs some work before being ready for the public eye.

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