Chuck Wendig

Cael and his friends are trying to find a way to rescue his sister and find his love Gwennie. Cael has enemies on the ground that he knows, but his family history means he has enemies he doesn’t know exist, and they are determined to kill him.

Gwennie has her own problems up in the sky. She wants to find her family, but her life is very curtailed. There are people who are very interested in making sure that she doesn’t succeed. There are politics in the Empyrean, and in the Heartland that result in a heart-stopping conclusion.

Blightborn is the second book in a trilogy. You will know this as soon as you start reading. It picks up the action immediately following the first book and there is no recap or time taken to orient the reader to the characters or the story so far.

I found as I went along that i was able to piece together what was happening, who was who, and why it was important, but I suggest that you read the first book, then read this one. I recommend the book because it is a very different dystopian view of the future. The elite live in flying cities while the workers slave on the dry ground. The only thing that grows is a form of semi-sentient corn.

The characterization is brilliantly done. All the people in the book are different with their own goals and desires. The mix and conflict of those desires makes for a story that keeps us reading and wondering how it can possibly work out.

I recommend the book for any who enjoy complex character driven stories, but I suggest you read Under the Empyrean Sky first.


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