Broken Sight

Broken Sight  
Steve Rzasa
Marcher Lord Press

Broken Sight is a novel set in Steve Rzasa’s Face of the Deep series. Brian Gaudette is a a captain  in Rescue Operations. He is given the task of rescuing  Katrina Galka, a woman who has information that other people are wiling to kill for. He is given a new ship for this work, and his crew from his old ship, but there is a catch. He has an ex-pirate as his first mate and he has to carry a group of Crown Marshalls who are a lot more comfortable with guns than Brian is.

As Brian heads out on his mission he has to deal with a crew that is both larger than he is used to, but also mostly unfamiliar. The new freedom of religion has also created some new tensions. Brian is unsure of himself and his own faith. His marriage is at risk because of his belief in Jesus, but while he can’t not believe, he also can’t let go of his responsibility to command. As he gets to know his new crew there are plenty of challenges to both his skill as a captain and his walk as a Christian; and that’s before they learn that there is nothing simple about this mission.

Steve creates interesting and believable characters that I wanted to cheer for. None of the people who inhabit this world are simple cutouts. Each of them has their weaknesses and strengths. They grow in their relationships and become a team in unexpected ways.
This book is set in a future in which the right to believe as one wishes has just been restored after  the Kesek had forbidden all faith other than the one approved church. As I was reading this book, I had the feeling that I was missing out on some things that would have been clearer had I read the first two books in the series. The Word Reclaimed and The Word Released.  Even so I didn’t find it difficult to get into the book and thoroughly enjoy the story that is being told.

As in all Marcher Lord Press books there is a strong element of faith that is part of the story. It is told in a way that the faith struggle is an integral part of the plot rather than something that stops the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes good science fiction.

You can buy this book at or at Marcher Lord Press.

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