Brooklyn Secrets

Brooklyn Secrets

Triss Stein

I have a particular fondness for mysteries which mix history into their story, especially when it is done seamlessly and made an integral part of the plot. History in this series is a given since the main character is writing a dissertation for her history degree. In this book she is researching the colourful past of Brownsville when she is drawn into a modern day crime. The two world of past and present Brownsville entwine and pull her deeper into the case of one girl beaten and another murdered. Add in two grand dames who have living memories of the period Erica is researching and you have a wonderfully layered and complex story.

I enjoyed the book for the mystery, but even more for the characters Triss Stein draws. She populates her book with people who feel real and who we care about. I highly recommend it to mystery lovers.

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