Bullied by Carrie GoldmanBullied

Carrie Goldman


Bullied offers a clear understanding of bullying and sets it apart from other things that we tend to lump under the label bullying. Bullying is repeated, unwanted and comes from a power differential. It can be physical, sexual, social or verbal.

From the starting place of her own daughter’s experience with being bullied, Carrie talks about possible solutions, including the wide variety of programs that are available to schools. She also places bullying into the community context. Programs that focus only on the victims, or only on the bully are doomed to failure. It is vital to give support to the victims at the same times as we teach the bully new ways of interacting. Punishment is not effective at reducing bullying, but intervention to teach empathy and a different set of social skills is.

She also talks about the need to train parents to be consistent in their parenting and not to use bullying tactics to raise their children. The earlier the intervention comes, the better the outcome is likely to be. While many victims carry scars from their bullying for life, it is the bullies who are most damaged. Bullying is a strong indicator for failed relationships and criminal activity later in life.

This is an easy book to read, but it is very important for us to understand.

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