Bullying Under Attack

Bullying Under Attack
Edited by John Meyer and Stephanie Meyer, Emily Sperber and Heather Alexander
Teen Ink Books
Health Communications Inc.

Bullying Under Attack is a collection of essays, memoirs and poems about the experience of bullying. It is unique in that it has submissions from victims, bullies and bystanders. While many of the victims talk about being pushed to the edge before standing up for themselves, it is acknowledged that not all people are that strong.  It is fascinating to see that the victims at the end have better self-images than the bullies or even some of the bystanders.

The pieces by the bullies were confessional in nature and didn’t glorify the bullying. They talked about how they were trapped by their decisions into a life that they didn’t plan. Some of them were on the road to reforming themselves, but others were still caught in negative behaviours.

I found some of the most poignant essays to the be few contributions by bystanders. All these people carried great weights of guilt that they didn’t do more. In some cases they tried to intervene and brought bullying down on themselves. It was a powerful reminder of how much courage it takes for someone to speak up to make a difference.

This book is well put together and is a powerful look into the world of bullying and bullied and the cost of allowing bullying to continue in our communities.

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