Camille and the Bears of Beisa: Drafnel


Simone Salmon 

Camille and the Bears of Beisa: Drafnel

Camille is a daring attempt at a story spanning both years and dimensions. Like many first books in planned series it is mostly a set up of characters and history with just hints of the plot to come. As I got further into the book I found the characters a bit more engaging, but I still struggled with the lack of immediate plot and context. Given the quality of writing, I’m sure the series will be worth wading through the first book, but I find myself wishing that Simone had turned her considerable talents to a more self-contained story and left the series to develop more slowly.

It is not Simone’s fault that far too many ‘gurus’ suggest writing a series in order to make money as an author, what they don’t say is your first book needs to be a complete package, plot, character setting, and most importantly conclusion. I, at least, will not invest in a series in which the author doesn’t demonstrate the ability to write a climax and conclusion. To give her credit Simone’s is better than most, but she still doesn’t trust her story to bring readers back to part two.

So if you love good writing, series, and you are willing to trust that eventually there will be a conclusion, this book is for you.

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