Can’t resist the scorpion

Melissa Chan from Literary Book Gifts asked me if I wanted to do a blog on her t-shirts inspired by classic books. At that point, I didn’t want to do a review since I’d not had the chance to see one in person. I did ask her to contribute a blog. 

The Joseph Conrad shirt I ordered arrived and after a wash to soften the starching, it fit very comfortably. The picture is placed so it doesn’t disappear when tucked in. While not the heaviest shirt I own, it is a nice weight.

I like the designs for the shirts, but the scorpion called to me.

Compared to similar shirts with designs on them, they are a reasonable price. When you deduct the 20% off for using this: ALEXMCGILVERY20 they are an even better deal. I don’t make any money off the code.

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