Carpet Diem

51eCUeqT-hL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Carpet Diem

Justin Lee Anderson

Carpet Diem is about an ordinary guy, an angel, a demon, and a bet. Simon has made a career of not being involved in the world, so understandably he panics when the door bell rings, especially as he distinctly remembers disconnecting the bell. So begin his adventures in a world he never dreamed existed.

This book is the kind edge of the absurd humour Douglas Adams wrote, with bits of Terry Pratchett tossed in for good measure. If you’re like me, don’t read it in public unless you want to try to explain why you are laughing at the antics of a crotchety old aunt inappropriate brand new twenty years old body.

If you like strange off the wall humour, this is your book, if you aren’t sure give it a try.

Buy the book here.

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