Diana Gould
Gilbratar Road

Brett Tanager is a screen writer and a successful one. Brett is also an addict. It is her addictions that put her on the road late at night and high where she kills someone in a hit and run. Brett hides her secret from everyone, but the secret makes her addictions worse. She loses the people she loved and is close to losing herself. She has only bits and pieces of memories as her drinking and drugs cause her to black out.

Brett is sitting in someone else’s house considering walking into the ocean when Julia, her ex-boyfriend’s daughter asks her for help. A friend has disappeared and she wants Brett to find her. Brett isn’t sure, but anything that promises more meaning than the next drink sounds good. 

Her first visit is to Mike Drummond. Mike is a recovering addict with secrets of his own. Brett finds herself on the journey toward sobriety at the same time as she searches for Julia who is now also missing.

Diana Gould writes a compelling picture of addiction and an equalling enthralling story of recovery. She weaves the recovery story and the detective story together. I wonder if the sobriety is just a little too easy, but given that it is a sub-plot perhaps there wasn’t room for relapses and the ensuing chaos that would derail the detective work.

This is a good book on many levels. I would recommend it for anyone who likes detective stories.

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