Kim Curran
Angry Robot Ltd.

Control is the second novel telling the story of Scott Tyler. The story picks up shortly after the last one left off. Scot and Aubrey are hunting down the last of the adults to be part of Project Ganymede. A.R.E.S. isn’t as much fun as it was now that Sir Richard is running the agency in place of his son. Security is tight and Scott isn’t sure whether it is to keep A.R.E.S. secret or to keep it under control.

Scott soon doesn’t have time to worry about how much fun he’s having as he and Aubrey find the last person from Gannymede, only to have everything start to fall apart.
This is a good follow up to the first book in the series, but it doesn’t have the same edge. It keeps introducing new aspects of shifting to keep Scott off balance but it just serves to muddy the waters. The dialogue is just as sharp, the characters are well drawn and the plot is solid, but it just doesn’t grab me as strongly as the first book.

Control is not a bad book, but it isn’t the really good book that Shift was.

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