Cracks in the Tapestry

Cracks in the Tapestry

edited by Arthur David and Amanda Lane

Cracks in the Tapestry is an anthology of a wide range of styles and modes of story telling. Each author has their own voice, and style, but the collection as a whole also comes together as a work. I was pleased to have the chance to read the book as I have read Arthur’s work before. He is one of a very small group of authors who have re-written books to submit for a new review. That book was a quantum leap above the first submission and he’s continued his growth with the lead story in the anthology about a woman who is faced with her dead sister.


I recommend the book, all of the stories are well crafted and they are a nice size for reading in the cracks of life, whether riding the bus, or sitting in a doctor’s office, or even standing in line on a Friday to pay for groceries. As with many anthologies, this one is a doorway into new author’s worlds. Pick it up and you may find your next favourite author.


You can buy the book here.



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