Seph Rondin and Thomas Stout

Brothers Bryon and Adam find some ancient relics while on a camping trip. The artifacts pull them to an alternate world where the old tribes of Ireland still live in a land of magic and war.

Bryon is a soldier, while Adam is a business man. The magic no only drops them in different places in their new world and at different times. Adam is there first with a helmet which allows him to understand and plan for the possibilities of his new world.

Bryon finds himself in a hidden valley where he befriends a goddess and soon becomes a military leader in his new home.

The duology of Craftsman and Willbinder is well thought out and planned. The characters are stretched to the limits of their abilities. At times I would like to have seen some scenes more developed.   Yet even so this is a fun read and I recommend it to fantasy lovers. The authors have books three and four out to continue the saga.

You can buy the book here.

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