Dancing with the Devil

Dancing with the Devil
Keri Arthur
Dell Books

Dancing with the Devil is yet another book in which a women detective is out to fight a horrible evil, meets and falls in love with a vampire, and goes on to fight to evil with the vampire at her side. At the same time Dancing with the Devil is not just another detective/vampire romance/thriller novel. What saves this book from being a clone of so many similar books before it is the deft handling of the romance and partnership. Nikki and Michael work together, and even work together well, but their past history stops them from trusting each other. The romance is powerful and well written and left me wanting to shake the pair of them until they came to their senses.

The thriller part of the plot is mostly a framework to hang the romance on, but Keri Arthur doesn’t stint and creates a believably bad villain and makes sure that it takes everything that the heroic pair has to end the threat. There will be more novels with these characters and I will make sure to pick them up and read them.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy good romance and good fantasy writing. Don’t let the similarity with other novels put you off. This book is well worth reading for its own sake.

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