Dark Room

Dark Room

Andrea Kane

Published by Avon Books

Dark Room is a suspenseful page turner by Andrea Kane. The protagonist, Morgan Winters, was indelibly marked because 17 years ago, she discovered the bodies of her parents when she was just eleven years old. She has moved on and become a successful entrepreneur, thanks to the loving support of her adopted family and a great deal of therapy. That is all put in jeopardy when it is learned that the person who had confessed to the crime didn’t commit the murders. The killer is still out there.

Pete Montgomery is the retired cop who was never quite satisfied with the confession. Now he is a private investigator and more determined than ever to find the killer so Morgan can rest easy. Unfortunately digging into the past has a price. The price this time is threats to the family that raised Morgan after the murders. The more they dig, the scarier it gets. The only upside to the situation is Pete’s son Lane, who as photographer and analyst for the CIA has skills the investigation desperately needs. The sparks fly between him and Morgan, and as the investigation gets closer to its conclusion, the pair finds themselves charting new territory.

Andrea Kane gives us a terrific story populated by characters that are believable and lovable. There are no cardboard cutouts here. Even the people on the fringes of the story are given strengths and foibles that make them well-rounded and human. I found the story interesting, but the real interest was in how these people interacted with each other and forced each other to grow. In the end the dark room isn’t the lab where the photos are developed, but the room inside of each of us that holds our worst fears. Kane gives us a glimpse into that room.

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