Daughter of Light

Daughter of Light
Morgan L. Busse
Marcher Lord Press

Daughter of Light is a fantasy novel by Morgan Busse. Rowen is the adopted daughter of a respected soldier. For his sake she is tolerated in their tiny community. Her father dies and Rowen is more alone than ever before with only one woman who dares to be be her friend. It takes a mysterious illness to build a bridge between Rowen and the people of the village. She is almost grateful for the sickness, but it leaves a white mark on her hand. Rowen soon learns that she has powers to see inside of another person.

She is cast out of the village and decides to travel to the White City where she has been offered a position as bodyguard. Rowen’s experiences on the road only strengthen her determination not to allow anyone to know of her new and frightening powers. Only a thin leather glove stands between her and discovery.

The White City offers more than Rowen expects with people who want to be her friend. If only she could trust herself around them. What Rowen doesn’t know is that she is more than she thinks she is and her powers come at a time of great need.

This is one of those rare books that I finished and immediately wanted to start over. The characters are well drawn with enough flaws to make them lovable and believable. The world that Mogan Busse creates is similar enough to ours to make us feel at home, but with her own twists and turns. My favourite is her take on the divine sacrifice.

As with all Marcher Lord Press books there is a strong spiritual aspect to the story, but as always it is not allowed to detract from the power of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone.

You can buy the book at Amazon.com or from Marcher Lord Press

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