Daygo’s Fury

Daygo’s Fury

John O’Sullivan

The blurb for Daygo’s Fury promises the beginning of an epic story, and certainly there is an epic story there. There at two stories, one set in a city in the poorest section, the other in a jungle setting.

I particularly like the chapters set in the city, though gritty doesn’t necessitate swearing. The words feel dropped into the story without need. Aside from that the characters are interesting and their struggle to survive creates an immediate empathy.

The jungle parts are more detached as the lead character there is disconnected from the people around him. It is difficult to care for a character who doesn’t care for others.

On top of this the stories have no connection well into the book. Each story could be a book in its own right. Trying to stuff both of them into one may be a little too epic. I found myself skimming through the jungle scenes to get back to the city storyline.

Even so, if you like epic writing and you’re willing to wait to see how the separate thread are joined, this book is for you.

You can buy the book here.

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