Deja Vu

Deja Vu

Ian Hocking

This is a fascinating book which tackles the paradox of time travel. Saskia Brandt wakes  and soon finds herself involved in a locked room mystery where the only logical suspect is Saskia herself. She is then sent off on a case of perhaps sabotage and murder.
David Proctor is asked to investigate the scene of an old crime and is soon caught up fleeing the police as he tries to determine what is cause and what effect.


The characters in this book are well drawn, and we get to see them pushed to the limit, not only of their capacity, but their very identity. The plot guides us through twists and turns of causality while never lecturing us on the various theories. It is a wild ride and well worth the read.


If you like well written sci-fi which will make you think, this book is highly recommended.


You can purchase the book through Amazon.

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