Do-ahead Dinners

Do-Ahead Dinners
James Ramsden
Anova Books

Do-Ahead Dinners is a British cookbook. It seems strange that we have an easier time finding ingredients for Indian and Mexican food than we had finding some British ingredients. That aside, this is a wonderful book. James Ramsden takes us through the process of cooking extraordinary meals in such as way as when our guests arrive we aren’t standing over the stove doing last minute cooking. 

Each recipe is broken down by how much you can do ahead and how far ahead, and the last finishing touches that you do just before you serve the meal. Some of these meals James served at locations that had no kitchen. The neat thing we noticed was that as we read through the book and saw how the do-ahead part of the cooking was organized we could apply the same concepts to some of our own favourite dishes.

As well as being great do ahead dishes, they are organized into a variety of menus for serving guests a meal that they will talk about for months afterward. Everything from appetizers to deserts is included along with some basic drinks.

This is a wonderful book for anyone who likes entertaining but wants to be with their guests and not stuck in the kitchen finishing supper.

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