Down the Wormhole

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Ana Franco

Kitty is an orphan, and the story begins with her walking into an orphanage and demanding that they take care of her for the next year until she is eighteen. She is assigned a room with Natalie and Anna. Before she knows it Kitty is caught up in an ancient battle between four gods who look and act like normal teenagers and the goddess of chaos.

In spite of some technical issues in the writing Ana creates a gripping world that is a mash up of Celtic, Norse, Greek and even Egyptian mythology. The mix of teens and mythological gods works well and the characters, especially Kitty’s are well drawn. I would have liked to have seen a little stronger ending, but it works as it is.

If you can see past the technicalities,  this is a fun read. I recommend it to readers who like to mix their fantasy with teen novels.

You can buy it here. It is being released March 17, 2015


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