Dragon’s Curse

The Dragon’s Curse

H L Burke

Shannon is a scholar and healer sent to the Kingdom of Regone to treat its King for his injuries received while killing dragons. King Edmond has sworn revenge on all dragons for the death of his brother. That makes it awkward when Shannon befriends a dragon named Gnaw who has taken up residence outside the city.

Shannon has to deal with the King, the aloof woman who is always near the king, and Sir Roderick who believes Shannon should fall at his feet. He is increasingly upset that she doesn’t.¬† With all that going on, visiting a dragon is relaxing. Her friendship is put to the test as the king sends more knights after the dragon.

I enjoyed this book. The plot is well thought out with sufficient bumps and turns to keep the reader engaged. The characters a well drawn out with unique voices and very well written dialogue.

I’d recommend The Dragon’s Curse to all fantasy lovers.

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