Dukkha Unloaded

Dukkha Unloaded

Loren W. Christensen

YMAA Publication Center, Inc.

Dukkha Unloaded is the third book to feature Detective Sam Reeves. He gets home from harrowing visit to Vietnam to learn that hate crimes have taken over the news in his home city of Portland. He is transferred to the Intelligence branch of the police department and with the help of two homicide detectives and the others in the department, he tries to find who is responsible for a series of murders that show an astonishing degree of hate and ignorance.

cover50927-mediumOnce more he is pulled into violence even as he struggles with whether he should carry his gun at work. At the same time his personal life is in upheaval as he tries to take in what happened in Vietnam and where he and Mei are going with their relationship.

This is a freight train of a book. It starts and doesn’t stop. Christensen captures the ambivalence of Reeves’ feelings about the shootings from the first book and the violence from the second exceptionally well. This is not a hero who doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. We get to see more of Reeves in action as well as some other fascinating characters.

As a martial arts based book it is great to see the fight scenes written in a way that will please both martial arts geeks and those who are just reading a good book. Every move is clear and written without jargon, yet it is also clear that Christensen’s love of the art shines in the action.  There are no boring or unlikely fights here.

I highly recommend this book for anybody who loves action.

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