EVERLASTING: The Kingdom Key


EVERLASTING: The Kingdom Key

Kate Austin, illustrated by Jason Paulhamus

EVERLASTING: The Kingdom Key is an illustrated childrens’ book. The words are in verse and follow the history of God’s love for humanity culminating in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also continues through the promises of the Gospel and the triumphant return of Christ at the end of times

This is not a book to read to children all in one sitting. There is far too much information in the book for young minds to digest all at once. This would be a book to pick up and read a page or two and discuss what the words mean and what difference they should make in our life. Given the Christian tendency to argue about what the Bible really means, there will be plenty of opportunity to disagree with the particular interpretation presented in this book. That is an advantage rather than a drawback as the reader and children will have a starting point for their discussion. The emphasis on the free grace of God was important to me. This is not a book that uses faith to try to force children into a single mold.

The illustrations are a delight and there are some pages in which the illustrations are allowed to speak for themselves. They are cute without being saccharine. The character of the key who narrates the book is used to focus attention on the meaning of the words without getting too preachy. The children are shown to include people of all nations and abilities and even creation is portrayed as listening to the words of God.

On the whole I enjoyed reading EVERLASTING:The Kingdom Key and would recommend to people who wish to have a vehicle to start discussions of faith and meaning with children or grandchildren.

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2 Responses to EVERLASTING: The Kingdom Key

  1. Alice Metzger says:

    Great book!!! Very impressed with the power of the word. And My kids and grandkids, love it. Pictures are awesome. Great detail. Highly recommend for all ages. Make as great gifts..

  2. linda says:

    Jason Paulhamus is our son-in-law. He has beautifully illustrated God’s word. My hubby and I are very proud of Jason . We recommend this book . Your children will learn the Gospel story and have fun at the same time !

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