Far Far Away

Far Far Away
Tom McNeal
Afred A. Knopf Books

Far Far Away is a novel about a boy, a girl and a ghost. Jeremy Johnson Johnson has the ability to hear ghosts. He makes friends with Jacob Grimm who had wandered as a ghost for two hundred years. The Two Book Bookstore of which Jeremy is owner is in trouble. The bank is going to foreclose and sell the bookstore and the apartments behind in which Jeremy and his father live. His father hasn’t left the house since Jeremy’s mother left them

The girl in the story is Ginger Boultinghouse. She is somewhat of a wild girl and Jacob doesn’t entirely approve of her. He wishes that Jeremy would stick to his studying. The boy is caught up in one of her pranks. One thing leads to another and the pair find themselves the focus of an evil in the town that Jacob calls the Finder of Occasions.

The story is told from Jacob Grimm’s point of view. The style of writing is a little old fashioned, but that is to be expected when your narrator has been dead for a couple of centuries. Jacob is troubled by what he has left undone. It is that mystery that has made him a ghost. More immediately he desires to protect Jeremy from the Finder of Occasions.

Once I got into the rhythm of an older style of narration, I enjoyed this story. It has a great cast of interesting and likable characters, and an interesting story. Like the original stories the Grimm brothers collected it has its dark moments, but nothing that a young modern reader won’t be able to manage. I strongly recommend¬†Far Far Away for anyone, young or old, who likes a good story.

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