Frankenstein Reborn

Frankenstein Reborn

Dean C. Moore

Soren fights a minotaur, paying attention to the women who watches him from the shadows. He follows her, discovering she is not nearly as impressed with him as he is with her. Events conspire to force her and her group of friends to cooperate with Soren to deal with evil beings being brought to Earth by Victor, a man who intends to rule the world.

This book is Dean’s usual mix of technology and spirituality, but he throws magic into the pot and stirs. What you get is a captivating tale of a possible near future where technology has split humans into different regions by interest, and where people can be, almost, anything they desire.

He explores the costs of those desires and the need, even for the most advanced humans, for relationships.

I recommend the book for those who are interested in transhumanism, but also people who want a different take on dystopia from the usual youth rebelling against an oppressive government. There is some strong language in the book.

You can buy the book here.

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