From Darkness Won

From Darkness Won

Jill Williamson

Marcher Lord Press

From Darkness Won is the final book in the Blood of Kings trilogy. Trilogies are always chancy since I want the ending, not to just be a good ending, but one that is going to make it worth reading three books to get to. Jill gives us just such an ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

From Darkness Won picks up with Achan in Carm trying to find his place as King-to-be in the company of men who are all older and more experienced than him. To make things even more complicated he is still struggling with the idea of marrying the noble Averella instead of chasing after Vrell Sparrow who he discovered at the end of To Darkness Fled was not only a girl, but the girl to whom he wanted to give his heart.

Averella in the meantime is hiding in the secret tunnels trying to avoid Achan. She wants to go to war as a healer, but everyone she asks refuses to take her. No one from her mother to her sister to the peasant women who was Achan’s first love understands her reluctance to just marry the future King of Er’Rets.

The war pulls both of them in directions they didn’t expect. Jill shows in this book the development of a maturity and depth in both her main characters. They are made to grow, not only in their understanding of who they are, but in the nature of faith and love.

This book is a fitting conclusion to a fantastic trilogy. There is humour, adventure and a good portion of romance. The element of Christian faith that runs through the book is further developed here, but it is an essential part of the young people’s journey and not tacked on as an after thought, nor does it get in the way of a terrific story. I would recommend this book to anyone.

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