Frozen in Amber

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Phyllis Ames

Frozen in Amber is set in a world where Weres live unknown in the midst of normal people. Only a few chosen normal people are in on the secret. A special branch of the FBI is in charge of keeping it that way and of maintaining the list of all the Weres in the US. Amber is a were-mountain lion, but where most of her people revealing their animal side, she fears hers, even to the extreme of eating a vegan diet in human form. On one of the rare time she hunts the mountains in cat form, she is hunted and something implanted in her hip.

For the first time in her life should gets sick, but she has no time to worry. She has a major case dropped in her lap defending a murder suspect who happens to be working on a cure for being Were. Add in a very sexy bike courier, her grandfather’s odd behavior and a possible rogue group of We’re and Amber has a lot more on her plate than she can handle.

I thoroughly enjoyed a new slant on Weres. In this world there are a wide variety and the animal side shows up as part of the human personality.¬† That particular piece of genius makes for a mystery which is intense, thoughtful and a great ride through an interesting world. I’m hoping this is not the last we see of Amber.

You can buy the book here.

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