Full-Blood Half-Breed

Full-Blood Half-Breed

Cleve Lamison



Full-Blood Half-Breed is a fantasy novel set in a city during the lead up to the Torneo a huge tournament that unites the realms. Paladin is a young man who has blended the fighting forms of the four gods which is blasphemy. He has been thrown out of each fighting monastery. He is the blend of also of the four races as well.

Paladin’s nemesis is Fox, the Runt. He is pure blood Nord, but he is short and has been pushed around by the Nords all his life. He wants to win the Torneo to prove himself, but also to win the love of a girl.

Torneo is not just about fighting, it is politics and both Paladin and Fox are caught up in the politics that swirl around the them. The world is balanced on a knife edge and the slightest thing may send it to destruction.

I like the characters that Lamison creates. They are real and gritty. It is clear that no one is simply evil or completely good. Their motivations are complex and deep. The plot is more straightforward, but there is sufficient there to hold our interest. I did find a few places where the quality of the writing is inconsistent, but nothing to push be out of the story or make me give up on the book. I expect as the series develops that the writing will solidify.

This novel is the beginning of a series, yet it has a little bit of completion so I didn’t feel that the author just stopped writing. I enjoyed the unique spin on the theme of multiple gods versus “the one true God” and will be interested to see how it develops in later books.

I recommend the book for people who like swords and sorcery fantasy and like their books to be earthy and placed in real feeling characters and situations.

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