R.Christopher Kobb
Moonpepper Press

Fyrelocke is a young adult novel in which Jack, who plans to be an inventor when he’s finished being a kid, finds a strange purple rock and learns that he doesn’t know nearly as much about the world as he thought he did.

The local fortune teller warns him that the world he lives in is going to change. That is an understatement. Jack’s parents tell him that he isn’t their son, but he’s sure they are under the control of the creepy people who say that they are. Jack escapes, but is very quickly on a roller coaster ride that avoids cliches and stock characters.

Fyrelocke is a very fast paced novel. Once I got used to the very short chapters and allowed them to control the pacing of the novel I found that it was a effective device. It also means that it is very tempting to read ‘just one more chapter’. I finished this book in a single afternoon. I enjoyed it immensely. Aside from the solid plotting, the characters are well developed and having Jack and Chase able to play off of each other added some well scripted comic moments.

A bonus to the book are the well done illustration that are scattered through the story. They are placed carefully to not interrupt the story line, and give some insight into how Christopher sees his characters. This is clearly the first book of a series, yet it is complete enough in itself for me to put it down with a sense of satisfaction and a desire to read the next one as soon as it comes out. 

I would recommend Fyrelocke to anyone who enjoys easy to read but very hard to put down books.

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