Heart of the Curiosity

Heart of the Curiosity

H.L. Burke

Heart of the Curiosity introduces Leo and Muse, sisters who have run away from the Carnival. Muse has a knack for levitation which helps her as a dancer, but Leo’s is to manipulate people’s emotions, which she hates to do.

The bulk of the action takes place four years after they join the Curiosity Theatre, life is looking up for the sisters. Muse has her first solo dance in a show, and Leo has settled in using her knack to promote the show and sway the audience. Unfortunately, there are people who want the theatre to use its power source, the Heart, and things start going wrong.

This is a rollicking story with an animatronic wolf and a snail circus. People have knacks, small limited magical abilities which may be helpful or sinister. The idea of knacks is an interesting one, and the notion isn’t completely uncovered, but there is enough information to make us comfortable with the world.

The main characters are exceptionally well drawn with their own fears and flaws and goals, the villain’s motivation is well set up. The plot is not complicated by a lot of subplots, but it works well for the length of the book.

I highly recommend it for those who like young adult fiction, especially with what I guess I would call electro-punk feel to it.

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