Hero in Hiding

Hero in Hiding
Mitchell Bonds
Marcher Lord Press

Hero in Hiding is the follow up book to Hero, Second-Class by Mitchell Bonds. If you haven’t read the first book of the pair, I would highly recommend it. Even so, Hero in Hiding stands well on its own. The action picks up where it left off at the end of the first book. We romp right into an encounters with pirates, blind seers and ninjas. Mitchell continues his tongue in cheek style of writing that includes discussion of numerical quests and a Villain’s Book of Phrases. He never lets his cleverness get in the way of a really good story.

Cyrus has graduated from being a Hero apprentice, but there is, unfortunately, not much left of the Hero’s Guild. He returns to his home on Starspeak Island. He quickly learns that returning to ordinary life is easier said than done. He and Kris, his Katheni bride, are pulled back into the battle between good and evil. Voshtyr Demonkin, the Arch-villain of Hero, Second-Class still has a plan for Cyrus, and since he is a villain, it is nothing good.

In Hero in Hiding we meet villainous Heroes and heroic Villains along with a broad range of people who are just people trying to survive a megalomaniac taking over the running of their world. The characters in Mitchell’s world are believable and likeable. He goes to great effort to give them their own quirks and flaws. How many Arch-villains have as their right hand man their accountant? The world he creates is large and varied enough to hold the bigger than life characters that move through the pages of his book.

It is clear that Mitchell Bonds had a great deal of fun writing this book. It is every bit as good as the first book in The Hero Complex. It pulled me in and kept me up reading til late. It is Christian writing, as all of Marcher Lord Press’ books are, but as usual, the spiritual part of the book is handled deftly and without ever coming across as preachy. I would strongly recommend both of Mitchell’s books for anyone who like rollicking stories of Heroes and Villains.

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