I hear the wind

I Hear the Wind

Greg Budig

Stemmer House Publishers

I Hear the Wind is a beautiful book written and illustrated by Greg Budig for children. The narrator muses about the wind that he hears outside the window, and imagines it sweeping across the land. The illustrations are in soft grey tones that give the feeling of fall, but also of warmth. Leaves whirl through the pages accompanied by the lyrical text. I found the book to be a bit on the long side for very young listeners, but older youngsters will enjoy the story. There are a couple of places that the reader could close the book and announce that it is done for the night. What I especially like is that the author has not oversimplified the language for his audience. This is a story that uses some very nicely crafted sentences to engage the imagination of reader and listener. This is one of those children’s books that the parent won’t mind reading again and again. There is a lot to see in the illustrations for discussions, and the story leaves the listener in a good place to comfortably fall asleep.

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