Inventing Utopia Now

Invent Utopia Now: Transhumanist Suggestions for the Pre-Singularity Era

Hank Pellisier

Invent Utopia Now is a collection of essays by Hank Pellisier. He covers a broad range of topics from feminism and its positive effect on average lifespans to nudity to a suggestion that parents be licensed before they have children. Hank also uses a variety of ways to make his point from statistics, he has an admitted addiction to top ten lists, to personal opinion, to scientific studies. The essays follow a common thread which is that we don’t need to wait for some outside impetus to make our lives better. There are things we can do right now to change our lives and the lives of the rest of the people on the planet for the better.

While the title suggests that the book is aimed at the small subset of humanity who are transhumanists, in reality every one will find something in these essays to cause them to think a little deeper about some of their assumptions about the world. As a bonus Hank’s writes in a take no prisoners style with both humour and challenge. He talks about what is possible, then pushes it as far as it will go to see what will happen.

I found as I read the book that I wanted to argue with a lot of what Hank was saying. This is a good thing. It means that I was being forced to think and respond. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to think, argue and work towards a future that is better than what we have right now.

You can buy the book at Smashwords.


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